Legion Club

Brand identity studio for a MMA gym club. London, UK

The briefing coming from the client claims to create a new naming and brand identity for a MMA gym club based in London. The requirement were, in order:
- Calling something about a king of military team, standing out the strengh and unity feautures.
- Using a dark and short colour palette.
- Using the geometric octagon shape (MMA match ring's shape)

I've combined all these guidelines togethers, mixed them with my martial arts theme passion and came out with a clena and original layout.
The final result is a strong and compact logo, inspired by ancient roman formation but completely refreshed and clean up by any other history record.

Final concept

Black and white logo extension

logo structure studio, color palette and scaling

Going down to 50x5px, the logo naming has to be pulled out from the logo and set aside it.
The legionary's head is exactly into the main logo area, the perfect square in the middle of.

Naming studio and font

showcase, tatami - gym floor

show case, clothing

show case, POH posters