Philips Sonicare

New product OOH and social pitch presentation - OMD UK, London, UK.

Repetition is Power
What you repeatedly do, forms the person you are and the things you believe.
Philips will remind us that when we transform our habits, we can transform our lives.

My task was helping my team accounts to take care of the presentation to the client from design viewpoint: developing an engaging and bespoke visual, develop it accross several showcase layouts (OOH, magazine, browser) and then populate the google doc presentation with such design assets.

Mood Board

We’ll work with a designer to create Philips very own kinetic typeface for the campaign.
The words will literally repeat in the digital and out-of-home assets to express the idea of repetition.


This is the official visual based of client suggestion and our creativity.

Contextual Digital

We’ll takeover digital publications like Women’s Health, Refinery29, and Buzzfeed that our active jugglers read.


We’ll utilise OOH locations (such as outside of gyms) that our active jugglers are around, reinforcing our message.

Print/ Publisher

We’ll place print ads in magazines like Stylist, Men’s Health and other publishers, relevant to local markets.