Logo studio for a gambling brand. London, UK.

Casino online gaming promo: the focus was to promote users friends adding in exchange of a bonus, in order to acquire more customers.
The graphic idea was to re-create a cosy and chill environment, like when we have friends guest in our home for the evening.


logo area study - safe area

We should keep an empty gap all around the logo, an area of 50% of its height.

logo area study - tagline

In case of need to use tagline alongside the logo, like for example: “Casino” or “betting”, there is a specific area at the bottom-right logo corner, bounded by the bottom and right points of the “R”, the bottom point of the lower “L” and the right point of the “A”.
This rectangle has to be used for any tagline we would let follow the Rolla logo and this rectangle only.
The tagline has to be tall 3/4 of the tagline-rectangle area, no more no less, and aligned to the bottom-right corner.
Thanks to this made gap, we will have a safe space between the main logo and the specific tagline. Tag line font used: Montserrat.

logo area study - inner icon

Starting from the same rectangle area created for the tagline, we take 1/4 of its height and we use it for get an outline bourder from the letter R and lower L.
Always referring to the lower “L”, we delimitate the icon area between the middle and the bottom point of it.
The came out area has to be used for any icon we want to use for any Rolla extension and that area only:
the placed icon is a chip but migh be, for example, a bingo ball, a coin or a football ball.

logo extension - tagline / inner icon possible combination

We are in May 2018 but maybe in the future the brand will expand and qill be required other sub-brands, one for each sector.
These are 3 possible cases of Rolla su-brand extensions.

logo scaling

Below 2cm of heigh, the logo tagline should be place next the left side of the logo, to its full length.

logo scaling - solution

When tagline is aside the logo, this is the formula which have to be applied:
The minimum distance between logo and tagline is 1/4 of X, where X ia the heigh from the top-right point of the “A” to the bottom point of the lower “L”.

Color palette

Main logo colour
CTA colours
Background colours

Logo font

App icon

Logo - device showcase

App icon - smartphone showcase

Logo - POH showcases, bus stop and tube stations