Vectone Cloud

Coding and graphic website task and related web commercial campaign. London, UK.

I make a whole new website mockup, HTML structure and CSS code for the launch of this new Vectone Cloud service.
a VoIP based service available across the globe allowing for free or cheap international calls.
Customers can use the service via both a desktop application and a handset.

My main duties were to conceptualize the UX flow and from it, its coding building and graphic layout, keeping a responside layout and a design inline with the brand identity and briefing guidelines.
Once end this step, I passed to the commercial campaign creation, starting from a single approved visual and then making all the required web graphic assets.


Home Page: Header banner

Web site UX flow (home page, discover and download inner sections)

Discover section, "What you get" page

Discover section, "How it works" page

Download section, PC page

Download section, mobile page

Download section, tablet page