Casa and Terrazza Martini

social media campaigns

Our main duty as OMD Create, was to take care of the Aperol social media identity spltted by 2 main profiles: Terrazza Martini and Casa martini.
We builded each delivery trough monthly scheduled design assets to show on its social media channels (mainly, facebook and Instagram).
Once the accountants and clients have defined the "assets calendar" within brief for each asset.

I was accounted as team digital designer, to develop the idea through ad-hoc layout, alongside all format required, keeping in mind client viual identity and brand guidelines.

Casa Martini, Introduction video, Facebook format, March 2021

Casa Martini, Introduction video, IG poll, October 2021

Terrazza martini, static layout set, June 2021

Terrazza martini, static layout set, August 2021

Terrazza Martini, Riserva Speciale, facebook format video, September 2021