Three Mobile

Check out process - 2020, UK

My scrum team was appointed for Three mobile account check-out process redesign.
The brief required to refresh the old check-out process along new visual identity while the user journey would has been slight changed: adding the possibility for the user to save his details and come back later via email sending component. After the purchase, the user will receive a customized confirmation email.

Once received the wireframe from UX designer, as UI designer of the team, I started to build up the drafts, component by component, using atomic library and keep in mind the Three mobile website visual identity. After several A/B tests and following weekly agile reviews, we finalised the layouts.

As outcome, there was a significant increase of purchase by clients.

Three mobile UI atomic toolkit examples

Wireframe and relaed layout

prorotyping working file (Adobe XD)

Final layouts.

Prototype UI test (video, mobile)

Final layouts, devices showcase